Stupid Things Politicians Say 1.1 1

Welcome back for a second round of Stupid Things Politicians Say.

Joe Biden
Lets start out with the VP.  Joe Biden, on a trip through Asia this week, tells U.S. troops stationed in Japan that he was not in China to explain anything to the Chinese.  Somehow I find it hard to believe that Mr. Biden visited the Land of Big Exports and the issue of our ballooning deficit was not a major talking point at every stop.  Here are his comments to the troops:

‘”I didn't come to explain a damn thing,” Biden said, according to a tweet by a Chicago Tribune/Los Angeles Times reporter attending the remarks.'

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Sorry sir, but I'm not buying what you're selling!
The Texas Governor and GOP front-runner must have quite an ego to think he should have editorial power over James Madison.  Governor Perry has proposed 7 revisions to the U.S. Constitution that he believes our country needs to make.  Of course he panders to the Tea Party with a balanced budget amendment and repeal of federal income tax, but some of his other ideas are pretty far out in right field.  He obviously doesn't believe in the importance of an independent judiciary since he proposes to politicize the judiciary and strip the Supreme Court of their power. Here are his seven ideas:
  1. Abolish lifetime tenure for federal judges by amending Article III, Section I of the Constitution.
  2. Congress should have the power to override Supreme Court decisions with a two-thirds vote.
  3. Scrap the federal income tax by repealing the Sixteenth Amendment.
  4. End the direct election of senators by repealing the Seventeenth Amendment.
  5. Require the federal government to balance its budget every year.
  6. The federal Constitution should define marriage as between one man and one woman in all 50 states.
  7. Abortion should be made illegal throughout the country.

Mr. Perry I must admit that I enjoy voting for my representatives in the Senate, and I don't think further cuts to federal revenue will allow us to pay off the national debt anytime soon.

Mitt Romney
Mr. Romney continues to have issues understanding the difference between people and businesses. Last time he told us corporations are people now he is having a problem understanding the difference between personal campaign finance donations and business donations.  He trips all over himself trying to justify a shell company that was conceived for the sole purpose of skirting campaign finance rules.

How can a Harvard Business School graduate have so many problems understanding simple business structures?

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Stupid Things Politicians Say 1.1 2

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