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Behind The Scenes at 500 Startups

Dave McClure – the name is synonymous with the terms serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Dave, as you should know is the man behind the technology startup incubator 500 Startups recently gave an impromptu tour of the 500 Startups office.

Seesmic founder and CEO, Loic Le Meur is the camera man and narrator (and we thank him for this…)

In the span of this brief 11 minute interview, you get a wealth of insight in terms of what McClure and his team are targeting, what sectors they feel are hot and still relatively untapped, and you get a cameo of a smartly dressed Robert Scoble in the middle of an interview himself.

My personal goal – to get a title like  Paul Singh, who is a Principal at 500 Startups, but he’s more appropriately known as Master of the Hustle.


[view more videos from Loic on YouTube]

James Hicks

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