iPad 2 Case: Adonit Writer

iPad 2 Case: Adonit Writer 1The highly recognized iPad keyboard case “Adonit Writer” is now going to serve Apple’s next generation tablet iPad 2. I like the first version of this keyboard case as it is very light, slim and sleek in style.

The only question here is will the second generation case has got what it takes to surpass the success of its predecessor and the new other keyboard case competitors in the market.

Let’s check the new features of the Adonit Writer for your iPad 2.

First, the appearance of the case did not change at all which is good because it maintains the couture formal look of your gadget when you put it on. The cloth interior is unquestionably stunning, it makes the iPad much more elegant and striking when you are using it. The black polycarbonate cover which holds the iPad also adds glamour to the gadget plus it also protects the keyboard from any scratches, keeping the device protected.

Next are the things which make it unique compared to other keyboard cases for iPad 2. First on our list is the battery specification. Most of the battery packs of other keyboard cases are built-in that needs to be inserted in a USB port to charge but this one is different because it uses AAA batteries for power. The battery life depends on how you use the Bluetooth keyboard case, for heavy usage the life of the battery will last for a month, while using it in a normal and standby basis will last for two and seven months respectively. It also has an indicator which tells you if you need to replace the battery. Green for good, yellow for okay and blinking red means going replace the batter now or else it will drain out.

The iPad case also has a magnetic seal which can turn on and off your tablet like the Smart Cover plus a quick eject slot so that you can easily detach the device off the case. Another thing which we find special about this top rated keyboard case is the ultra soft rubber pads purposely made to preserve the beauty of your device. Because of this cool added feature, the lifespan of your device will definitely be extended, thanks to the protective cushioning they installed.

iPad 2 Case: Adonit Writer 2Finally, the most important thing is its Bluetooth keyboard. This one is the slimmest, compact and yet very comfortable keyboard for the iPad 2 that I’ve seen. One of the things which fascinated me about this keyboard is its shortcut keys and function keys. There are 17 useful keys on top of like home, and volume controls so that you don’t have to resort touching the screen of the iPad to do some simple task because it is already in the keyboard.

By the way, because it is so thin the weight of it is merely 17.6 oz. it’s just almost as the same weight of two glasses of water. It doesn’t add significant bulk, as if your iPad 2 doesn’t have anything attached to it when you carry it.

You may purchase the Adonit Writer on Amazon for only $99.99.

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