Proof of Extraterrestrial Life? Dennis Rodman and His 2011 Hall of Fame Spectacle.

Men in Black was a phenomenal movie; though I don’t remember much beyond Will Smith’s coolness, Tommy Lee Jones delivering absurdly hilarious one-liners with deadpan seriousness, and of course, the pug.  You can’t forget about Frank the Remoolian pug.

But the single thing that stood out the most in my mind about the movie was the revealing of the aliens in disguise on Earth.  I think that particular scene of the movie remained unforgettable until this day, because I remember thinking to myself, “that explains so much” when Michael Jackson and Dennis Rodman‘s images appeared.

I haven’t thought much about Dennis Rodman since then.  Until now.

I wonder what Frank the pug would say about this. (Image courtesy of

Being that I am not a sports fan at all, and cannot tell you whether “The Bears” is a football or basketball team, any athlete I can name must either extend into pop culture (like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal) or someone with an astronomical scandal (like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant).  Dennis Rodman, however, is in his own category.  He not only extends into pop culture, when he makes the news, he dominates pop culture.

He has once again captivated (some would argue confused) the public with his quirkiness.  With his induction into the basketball Hall of Fame scheduled for August 12, he’s declaring to go all out and make it all about him; not unlike a bride on her wedding day.  I would say the same to both, “why not make it all about you?  After all, it’s a ceremony to celebrate you.”  As reported by, Rodman began his pre-induction festivities by showing up to the associated press conference wearing a black tank top that I wear to bed in the privacy of my home, with the shades tightly drawn.

Apparel fit for even a Victoria's Secret model. (Photo courtesy of

Not only that, what Rodman has rumored to spend to make his grand entrance is over five times more than what I plan on spending on my wedding.  He plans on arriving in style in a helicopter (his color float idea was nixed because the city of Springfield wouldn’t block off the street for him.  Boo Springfield!  You’d think the namesake of Homer Simpson’s hometown would be a bit more daring).  His marketing agent added that Rodman has hired acrobats to perform as Rodman shelled out $60,000 to to fly his friends to the event.

You can accuse Rodman of many things, but ordinary and mundane will not be one of them.  How many other six-foot-six basketball players you know can strut his stuff in full makeup, blond Mohawk-esque ‘do, and a spiffy tuxedo?

One more Rodman photo. I just couldn't resist.

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