Live Positively with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola company has launched an extensive campaign aimed at having people become more involved in everything ranging from personal, community, and global well-being. Essentially Coca-Cola is asking everyone to “Live Positively.”

What does that mean? Well from the mindset of Coca-Cola it includes social outreach such as getting involved to help the American Cancer Society, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, working with the Civic Action Network, and also working with the National Park Foundation both for park preservation and for providing a forum for citizens to nominate their favorite community park.

Therein lies the purpose of this particular post. I reached out to a local community leader in my area and asked her to write some text about the “America’s Favorite Park” initiative since a very popular park, right in my neighborhood, that I frequent with my kids, is in the running for the top honor.

Here is the text she put together,…

The city of Roseville wants you to stop and smell their roses. Roseville, nestled between Sacramento and the sierras has one of its many beautiful parks nominated for America’s favorite parks award. This national competition is sponsored by Coca-Cola. The 3 top winning Parks will receive grant money totaling $175,000.00.

Mahany Regional Park with its many amenities is seeking this national honor. Go to and vote.

Vote as many times as you want and post this on Facebook and Twitter to get out the word. Help bring Mahany Park to the top ranks as America’s favorite parks.

Voting started today and runs through September 6, 2011 with the winners being announced sometime mid-September.

Along with the prestigious nomination, whatever park eventually gets the top votes also receives a $100,000 grant to be used for facility improvements and expansion. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for the park initiative with each winner receiving either $100,000, $50,000 or $25,000 respectively.

This entire Coca-Cola sponsored Live Positively initiative is exciting to me. I highly encourage you to check out the various aspects of the program at their site and hopefully you can find a way to Get Involved.

[Thanks to Becky Barry for her contribution to this post]

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