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Git onto Google Code

Git repository on Google Code

One of the key things when you are doing any type of coding, whether it be c, C++, objective-C, PHP, HTML, CSS or any other language is the idea to have a backup of your code.

If you want to distribute your code you might use a repository like,, or even Google code.

Many developers use Google Code to host their project due to the fact that it is Google. The fact that Google is hosting Google Code may not be the only factor. Other factors, such as bandwidth, hosting cost, and sometimes just sheer ease of use.

Google Code has added a new feature to their repository hosting, Git. Git is a popular user-friendly code repository system. The use of Git has become so popular that Apple has now included it as an option while working with Xcode 4. More than Apple including Git as a repository option in Xcode, Git is used for Google’s Android operating system code as well as the Linux Kernel. If those are not some big endorsements, I am not sure what would be considered big.

This news may only apply to a small subset of the geeks within the Tech community, but it can be an important option when choosing a code repository system.

Photo and Article Via: Google Code

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