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I went to the movies this weekend with my wife to see Horrible Bosses – funny movie, check out the review by our author Tammy Chi here). Before the movie, during the previews there was an interesting advertisement run – I took note of it and was going to write a story yesterday, but instead focused much of my efforts on the World Cup match. Now, today, I get a press release referencing directly to that advertisement – I guess it’s meant to be that INFOtainment News write about the ID the V campaign.

More Backstory

According to a recent quantitative study conducted by Summer’s Eve, nearly 70 percent of women are unable to identify five major parts of their female genitalia, and nearly 60 percent struggle with unresolved feelings about the word “vagina.” The dilemma? If the majority of women don’t know their own anatomy or feel comfortable talking about it, how can they properly care for it?

Have we got your attention yet ???!

Well, to address this issue, the folks over at Summer’s Eve, the leading manufacturer of feminine hygiene products, today launched “ID the V” – a quiz that will strive to engage, educate and empower women to better understand and nurture their bodies.

Guided by an anatomically correct diagram, the ID the V online quiz will aim to test and teach women to identify five major parts of their genitalia. By taking the quiz, women around the country will have an opportunity to see how much they know or don’t know about their vagina, using the correct words and images.

“The lack of knowledge and self-assurance women have about their own anatomy is surprising, yet understandable given how historically society has discouraged open dialogue about the female body,” said Angela Bryant, director U.S. marketing, feminine care for Summer’s Eve. “Our hope is that ID the V helps normalize traditionally taboo feminine health topics, and ignites meaningful dialogue with women so they are educated, and in turn feel confident and comfortable talking about their bodies and feminine health.”

Ladies – take care of yourself. Consider this your monthly health advisory from your friends at HicksNewMedia and INFOtainment News.


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