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“Branded Luxury” Comes To Empire Avenue

No longer do you have to settle for just a scooter, a sedan or a condo to purchase with your collected Eaves. Now you can plop down 14,600 Eaves and get yourself an Xbox 360.

If you’re participating in Empire Avenue – you understand what I’m talking about, but still – here is some background to put today’s announcement into context.

In a blog post by Tom Ohle, Empire Avenue has officially launched Branded Luxury Items and Achievements, with Xbox leading the way thanks to an agreement between Empire Avenue and leading social agency, Singley + Mackie.

What this means is users can convert their Social Capital into a virtual Xbox 360 and can show off how much they love Xbox to earn a special Achievement on the site.

“We’re thrilled to have Xbox on board to debut Branded Luxury Items and Achievements. It’s a great example of a brand that has really embraced social media, and it’s no surprise that Xbox quickly rose up the ranks on Empire Avenue. We’re excited about the potential of this platform to allow users and brands to connect in meaningful, mutually beneficial ways, and we can’t wait to see how companies will leverage our Luxury Items and Achievements to reach new audiences and reward their existing, loyal fans.” – Duleepa Wijayawardhana, Chief Executive Officer at Empire Avenue.

Obviously, I already got mine – if you have 14,600 Eaves in your account – get to shopping !!

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