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TwitterChat Archival and Curation Tool: TanglerLive

Whenever I find a tool that just works – I like to share it. I also like to show real-world usage for those of us that are making a living on this social interweb.

My latest tool is TanglerLive

Don’t be misled by the title of my post, TanglerLive is more than just a TwitterChat archival and curation tool; it really is a real-time social interaction and communication forum.

That may be a mouthful to say, but when it comes down to it – if you’re in need of a tool to hold public or private only conversations (chats or via Twitter), and you want to archive them and you want to embed them in a blog (those are the two big ones…) – that’s when you should turn to TanglerLive.

I’ve been fortunate enough to correspond with the CEO, Alex von Kotze and Community and Product Officer, Loic Golliard for a number of months now. I’ve used TanglerLive for liveblogging sessions of major sporting events, entertainment shows, and obviously TwitterChats.

Check out the slides below that show the features, benefits, and value of using TanglerLive for your communication needs.

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