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Sony’s Hacking Repercussions Keep Popping Up


It looks like Sony is still not 100% out of the woods when it comes to the aftermath of the Hacking events that brought down the Sony Playstation Network for just over a month beginning on April 21st. As recompense for the outage Sony offered all Playstation Network members free Playstation Plus membership, a free choice of a downloadable game, and Qrocity access. Playstation Network members who opted for this had 30 days, from the time the store came back online, to collection on this Welcome Back Package. Originally, Playstation Network members had until July 3rd to claim their free items.

There was some outcry because Sony stated “through” July 3rd. Many users thought that this meant “July 3rd at 11:59 Pacific Time”. Well, it did not. Sony then extended this Welcome Back package until July 5th, at 9:00AM Pacific Time. This go around Sony specified the exact time so users could not claim they did not know what time it expired.

The latest issue stems from this extension. The Welcome Back package for the several countries in Europe and the Middle East has not expired as it was schedule to do so. This has been problematic for users who decided to purchase a Playstation Plus membership because they are not able to utilize their membership. Additionally, no new content is appearing within the Playstation Store.

There is no definite time as when a fix will be coming, but Sony states that they are aware of the issue and making it “a matter of priority”. Sony also states that users should see the fix rolled out in the “next few days”. The list of countries affected by this are the Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, and United Arab of Emirates. Sony just cannot seem to catch a break.


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