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Angry Birds Windows Desktop Theme

The smartphone toting world is still very much in love with the pig smashing game of Angry Birds.

You can play the game on an iOS , Android or Windows Phone device. You can also play the game through your browser (if you’re using Google Chrome).

Now, for your Microsoft Windows users there is a desktop theme made specifically for you to show your love for the characters and the sounds of Angry Birds.

The theme is a collection of six desktop wallpapers featuring the beloved pigs, birds and sound effects.

The desktop images are cool, but you gotta check out the sounds – when you  exit Windows, the birds give off a familiar screem and when you get an email message, you get the familiar grunting of the pigs.

The Angry Birds theme is officially designed for Windows 7 but you can also use it a XP and Vista machines with a simple hack.

Have fun.

[HT Digital Inspiration]

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