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The Summer of “One Life to Live”

Never have I appreciated summer vacation more than now.  In school, summer vacation was an actual “vacation.”  It was a two-and-a-half month break from school and — much to my parents’ chagrin— chores and pants.  Now, as part of the bill-paying workforce, summer vacation has been reduced to nothing more than a mockery: two extra PTO days tagged onto July 4th weekend.

I can’t help but reflect back on the summer vacations I took for granted.  One particular summer, which I’ll never forget, was the “Summer of One Life to Live.”  My friend Caroline (for the sake of her continued friendship, I have changed her name for this blog post) and I sprawled ourselves in front of the TV and watched hours of soap operas all summer long.  The predictable plot twists of the evil twin replacing the good twin, dead boyfriends coming back to life, the troubled teen who didn’t know he was the secret illegitimate heir of a wealthy tycoon, infused a sense of duty into our summer afternoons.  We made it our mission to shake our fist at the TV while shouting advice and warning.

We had heated discussions about Bo Buchanan, Starr Manning, Carrie Reed, Hope Brady, Erica Kane, and Tad Martin.  Our eyes didn’t dare to blink for we were afraid we’d miss an overly-dramatic closeup shot.  How else will we know who the villain is if not for those closeup camera angles?

Although ABC announced cease production of soap operas and its plan to replace them with cheaper to produce shows like “The Chew” and “The Revolution,” One Life to Live and All My Children will carry on their legacy through the Internet.  Prospect Park, an entertainment company owned by Rich Frank, former president of The Walt Disney Studios, has swooped in to pick up the broken pieces of devastated soap fans.

As described by Yahoo! TV, it’ll be like Hulu for soaps.  The web and web-enabled TV version of these two shows will still have the same cast and crew.  A summer in Pine Valley and Llanview is still on.

After all, you only get One Life to Live, better make it long.  At least longer than 43 years and 10,975 episodes.


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