Can’t Let Go: Mariah Carey

In most cases, consistency is good.  When you have a winning formula, stick with it and you will remain successful.  It worked for KFC, it worked for Coca Cola, and it certainly did wonders for McDonald’s.  But when you’re not a timeless soft drink or cheese burger recipe, clutching onto the same theme does not always give you the same kind respect.

According to, Mariah Carey was spotted on Wednesday for the first time since giving birth to her twins, son Moroccan Scott and daughter Monroe. Dressed more conservatively than usual, I almost did not recognize her.  For the most part, her image remained the same as it did in 1991, big curly hair, tight low-cut shirt, and short shorts that showed off her fabulous gams.  The only difference between then and now is twenty years.

Youth is hard to let go.  I still wish I could relive the magical night of junior prom, but actually wearing the dress to a dinner out on Friday takes more guts and confidence than I could ever muster.

So I say, “Kudos, Mariah!”  If you have it, flaunt it.  Keep rocking the same formula, even if you’re not a timeless fried chicken recipe.

[image via EOnline]

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