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Apple Safari Gets Glass Extension

Users of Firefox and Chrome may have experience with Glass, but now Safari browser users can experience the web browsing experience brought about by this cool extension.

Developed by Border Stylo, which is a Los Angeles based  start-up focused on creating an “immersive experience on the web, and adding a human element to technology.”

Through their initial product, Glass, they created a browser extension that allows users to have contextual conversations directly on top of any web page.

“Glass breaks new ground in enabling immersive content sharing and conversation on the web, and we are pleased to be able to offer this functionality to Safari users,” said Adam Sexton, CMO of Border Stylo. “We will continue to push the envelope in terms of the user experience we deliver, and look forward to welcoming the Safari community to our rapidly growing user base.”

Glass attempts, and does a decent job at changing the way users can share content and have conversations on the web. They no longer need to copy and shorten links, and then e-mail them to their friends, who then need to click on the link to see the page.

Still not understanding it? Watch the video below

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Glass is available as a free browser extension. Find out more and download it here:

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