Last year, we all witnessed the release of one of the most innovative gadgets in recent years, a gadget they simply called the tablet. It was widely anticipated by everyone, some even considered this device to replace laptops in the near future. And when we talk about tablets and laptops, only one brand comes to mind. It is none other than Apple.

Apple War: iPad 2 vs MacBook Air 1

Being considered the best model/brand in their respective gadget group, both iPad 2 and MacBook Air have maintained their invincibility compared to other devices. But something’s gotta give; we have to know which one is better than the other.

We heard it so many times that iPad 2 is just a luxury while MacBook Air is a necessity. Each device has its own strong points and flaws.  As a consumer, your primary consideration must be the software of your device. With Mac OS X, you can run Microsoft Office Windows and Adobe programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop. This is also possible in iPad’s iOS but the chances of you using your tablet for this kind of work are very minimal. Obviously, stuffs like MS Office and Adobe programs in particular should be done in a faster device which is Mac in this case.

When it comes to portability, iPad 2 has a slight edge over MacBook Air. The so-called glorified smartphone is 1 pound lighter than Mac. And since everything is touchscreen with iPad, you won’t be consuming too much space when you’re in a small space like airplane and symposium. The 3G technology is also still unavailable as of today with Mac or any laptops in particular but currently enjoyed by most tablet users.

With regards the price, iPad 2 is a lot cheaper than Mac. The former’s most expensive model costs $829 while the cheapest, the Wi-Fi only version can get as low as $499. Mac soars a whopping $999 to $1,199 depending on your budget and needs.

And now here’s the simplest conclusion that you will ever need. If you need something that can act as a substitute for your desktop computer while you are out of the office and home, then choose MacBook Air. But if you don’t need a device for productivity purposes, iPad 2 is the one for you, period.

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Apple War: iPad 2 vs MacBook Air 2

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