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Samsung Requests to See Upcoming Apple Products

This happened last April 15, 2011 when Apple filed a suit claiming that Samsung copied the design of their revolutionary products iPhone and iPad. After that, hell breaks loose as Samsung countersued Apple for infringement for wireless network technology. The suits were filed in three different courts: Germany, Japan, and in Seoul, Korea.

It doesn’t stop there. A couple of weeks ago, Apple’s appeal was granted to see some of the unreleased Samsung’s phones and tablets. The judge ordered product samples of Galaxy S2, Droid Charge, Infuse 4G, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The said request was approved in order for Apple to see if Samsung’s future products should also be included in the litigation.

Samsung was given 30 days to provide the product samples which the court had cited. Only lawyers of Apple are allowed to see the pre-products of Samsung for protection. This time, it’s Samsung’s turn to throw what Apple had thrown into them.

As the court battle between Apple and Samsung gets more serious and intense, Samsung’s legal advisors made a counter attack by requesting to see samples of the upcoming Apple’s next generation iPhone and iPad. This move is for the sole purpose to protect Samsung’s future products from any patent and trademark infringement suit that they are currently facing with the following products: Captivate, Vibrant, Epic, Mesmerize, Intercept, and a few more products were also mentioned on Apple’s lawsuit.

Samsung wants the product samples of Apple by June 17, 2011. With this appeal, Samsung apparently wanted some equality and promised to obey the same rules applied to Apple. As of now, there is no clear vision on how this lawsuit in the world of technology will end. All we can do is wait on how things are going to unfold for both tech firms.

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