Farmer’s Market at Your Front Door

My Tuesday morning stared off with nearly breaking my neck tripping over the box left at the back gate sometime in the early morning hours.  Like the paperboy of a bygone generation, the Farm Fresh to You driver slips undetected through your neighborhood delivering boxes of fresh produce that the Easter Bunny would be jealous of.  Once a month, for nearly the last year, he has been delivering to my door-step a box filled with fresh, in-season organic produce. The delivery driver is so stealthy that my dog does not even bark.

Every time the box arrives I am as excited as a four-year-old on Christmas morning.  To share my excitement, I figured an un-boxing article would be appropriate.  Here is the list of produce I received this week:

2 Zucchini

2 Navel Oranges

2 Hass Avocados

1 Pint Strawberries

1 Head Green Lettuce

1 Head broccoli

1 Pound of Gold Potatoes

1 Bunch Cilantro

1 Yellow Onion

CSA box may 2011

I had to hastily snap this picture (with coffee pot in the background) because as soon as the box arrives my family and I cannot stop ourselves from sampling the treasures inside.

This service is provided by a company called Farm Fresh to You which services a wide range of cities in Northern California.  All the produce they deliver is Certified Organic and much of it is grown at their own farm in the Capay Valley, especially during the summer months. Produce that is not easily grown in Northern California (avocados, mangoes) are sourced from farms in Southern California and Baja.  If the locavore in you wants to keep it closer to home,  Farm Fresh to You provides a Valley Box service which provides only produce grown in the Capay Valley of Yolo County.

The flexibility and convenience provided by Farm Fresh to You have kept me happy throughout the long winter.  I choose this farm over others mainly because of their technology which allows me to customize what I want and when I want it delivered.  When signing up I was worried that I would get produce that I didn’t like or would not eat, but after a box every month for over a year, I have tried and cooked at least ten vegetables that I would never have bought for myself at the store and I only have one exclusion listed on my account.  The fresh beets arrived in February, and we tried them, but they still do not appeal to my wife or I, so I went to the Farm Fresh to You website and added them as an excluded item.  We will never receive them again and another product will be substituted in our box for any future beet deliveries. Frequency of delivery can also be customized on the Farm Fresh to You websites as well.  If you’re going to out of town just login in and reschedule with a few clicks.

Farm Fresh to You operates on the concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA); community members pledge to support the farm and in return receive a “share” of the food production. If you are interested in eating locally and helping a local farm you can search for CSA farms in your area on the Local Harvest website.  There are many other great farms out there, find one that suits your needs and you will see how knowing where your food comes from can make a change in your life.



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