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Tech Byte: EC2 Outage Explained

We all remember a couple weeks ago when the Amazon EC2 took a huge dump and brought a good majority of SMB, mid-tier and enterprise client web operations down.

It was an unfortunate 48 hours for not only Amazon, but obviously for the companies directly affected, but also for those of us in the industry that spend our professional time “selling the cloud” – a number of prospects lost even more confidence in this distributed computing ecosystem called Cloud Computing for those few days.

We also got a chance, finally, to see what exactly went wrong as Amazon released an extensive document explaining the domino effect that caused services to degrade in performance and eventually become unavailable. However, the explanation was not something that everyone could easily understand – I, myself got a slight headache going through the first 5 pages.

Check out below as a simpler, more laymen description of the outage is explained along with some suggestions and recommendations for possibly preventing such an incident from occurring again.


James Hicks

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