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Sony PSN Breach: The Relaunch

Sony has stated that it will bring some of its services back online this week. In case you have not heard, Sony has suffered a security breach and took the Playstation Network down on April 20th. Sony then began an investigation into the breach. After you take something down, investigate it, there are only two possible outcomes. Leave the product down or do a relaunch. Sony is opting for the latter option.

One of the additional fallouts of the Playstation Network breach is that Sony has pushed forward with its plan to move the data center to a new location. Once this has been completed Sony will be bringing some services online. The list of services that will be returning this week include:

  • Online game play across PS3 and PSP systems.
  • Access to Music Unlimited for existing subscribers.
  • Account management and password reset (more on that in a moment)
  • Playstation Home
  • Friends list and Chat functionality

This is definitely progress for Sony to restore confidence from the Playstation faithful. Sony has also stated that full services will be restored within the month.

In addition to bringing services back online Sony has also stated that it will having a “Welcome Back” appreciation program. While the details of this are not known for every region, a couple of the features it will have are:

    Free content downloads (specific details will be revealed later) 

  • Existing PSN customers will get 30 free days of Playstation Plus
  • Existing Subscribers to Music Unlimited will receive 30 days free

With a security breach of this magnitude, where the perpetrators were able to obtain usernames and passwords, it is advised to change any passwords for online accounts that you may have.

I am not sure how this will be seen in the eyes of the non-Sony faithful, but this is definitely a good will gesture by Sony to make amends for the issues and problems that have, and will, occur because of this security breach.


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