Top 5 Gift Ideas That Could Make Her Smile

Top 5 choices for your best friend – timeless great designs engagement ring with diamonds! In every engagement, there is always the right design suited for the bride’s personality. This top 5 choices could elevate the spirit of your best friend from just happy to awesome shouts of joy. Choose the best engagement ring with diamonds shapes and designs for your best friend’s engagement party. Here are ways to show how you care

Send a letter with different engagement ring designs and shapes

A letter filled with exotic designs of engagement rings including the link of the online store would be a great help. Your friend would really appreciate this time a long, long letter because he really needs help in selecting the best design for the ring. Please don’t forget the links of the online jewelry store. With thousands of stores online, it would be difficult to look for the design again. Putting on the links on your letter would facilitate the search as well as the decision to buy.

Magazine subscription

A magazine subscription with different shapes and designs of engagement rings would be the right approach to deciding the right design and stone for the ring. Create the best impression with combinations of unique diamond ring designs you can find in the magazine. Magazines are great in helping you choose the best fitted natural hand crafted diamond ring designs for the bride.

Charm simple solitaire engagement ring

Engagement ring with diamonds solitaire design is a great way to save on cost and effort deciding on the shape, design, stone, and metal of the ring. There are websites offering free lifetime warranty on some services. It would be great if you give a simple solitaire engagement ring as a gift to your best friend’s engagement party. A solitaire could be a single diamond with about 4 or 6 prongs for settings. You can also use a big diamond on the center with small diamonds accents on either side of the engagement ring. This is cheaper and affordable for your pocket as a gift.

Gift basket with different kinds of diamond stone colors

Find the most perfect best suited engagement ring with diamonds and put it in a gift basket. The most exciting part is to put different diamonds sizes with different colors. Let your best friend choose the best stone color, shape, and size that would suit the bride’s personality. This is the most charming and exciting way to help your friend choose the right stone for the bride.

Gift certificates

If you think it would make things easier to just insert a gift certificate on your best friend’s pocket, then you should select from the following top 5 gift certificates jewelry gifts:

  1. Bangle with diamond bracelets
  2. Gold earrings with small diamonds
  3. One big pearl earrings with small diamonds surrounding the stone
  4. Sparkling diamond stud earrings
  5. Diamond cocktail earrings

Refine your search from the bride’s engagement ring with diamonds to other stones and types of jewelry. You can also choose from among the different shapes and sizes of the diamonds to make the ring more affordable such as princess, square, cushion, heart, oval, emerald, marquise, or pear. Depending on your design and type of jewelry, you can use smaller sizes for economical but exotic engagement ring with diamonds designs. The metals are usually gold, silver, or platinum. The usual designs are solitaire, 3 stones, diamond band, or side stones.

What could make the engagement more exciting and romantic?

The design of the ring is not the only thing that could make the engagement memorable, romantic, and exciting. You can opt to pay for the hotel or dinner expenses of your best friend. He can ask the girl for marriage in a very romantic way through dinner or one-day vacation in an island. Remember, engagement parties are not meant for ring selection only. They are meant to make the whole event memorable and the experience as well as the feelings lasting.

How do you choose the best color for your diamond stone?

Learn about how the diamonds are being assessed including the grading system of diamond stones. One thing for sure, the color depends on the kind of metal you are using for the setting. If you have a yellow gold metal, then you should choose a higher colored stone. If you have a while gold or simple platinum metal, then you can choose either colorless or colored diamond stones.

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