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The State of the Mobile App [infographic]

Could you imagine your life today without your smartphone? What would you do without that instant access to all things in your world?

Our smartphones are hardly even used as just phones anymore – it’s all about the apps. Instead of calling someone, many folks nowadays would rather just send a handful of SMS messages.

It’s interesting to watch the dependence we now have on these devices and it’s even more interesting to see/hear when folks have the nerve to complain about slowness of service over whatever CDMA, 3G or LTE network they may be on – especially when there are millions of folks on the same network, at the same time. Anyways – that’s another blog post 🙂

Check out this great infographic that shows the overall distribution of mobile app types and the devices that the majority of them reside on. I really like the classification of where the top app categories are projected to be for the coming year.

Let us know if you agree with the data? The only blaring bit of information I see that may be missing is Nokia and Sony devices.

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