Nefsis Enables HD Video Conferencing Over Existing Business Networks

Nefsis recently announced the addition of automated bandwidth throttling, CPU balancing technology, and dynamic video coding enhancements to its global video conferencing cloud.

These cloud-based technologies enable multipoint HD video conferencing with desktop sharing and advanced collaboration tools over existing business networks. While traditional infrastructure hardware solutions for multipoint video require guaranteed bandwidth, Nefsis cloud computing adapts to changing bandwidth conditions. This flexibility lets businesses of all sizes benefit from video conferencing.

Those with adequate bandwidth can enjoy HD quality, while others, including external participants and those in rural markets or with limited Internet access, see the best quality video possible.

“Cloud computing and dynamic video coding are ushering in a new era in business video conferencing- instead of changing the customer network to match fixed bitrate encoders, the video conferencing application now adapts to the network,” said Allen Drennan, Nefsis chief technology officer. “You can still use dedicated routes and private virtual circuits for rooms and specific users to guarantee HD quality, but it is no longer a requirement.”


The Nefsis global cloud uses variable bitrate encoding, with a customer option to select H.264 encoding and decoding. In addition, the cloud incorporates automated bandwidth throttling and multicore CPU balancing, which optimize multipoint video and live sharing quality within the boundaries of availability. Nefsis meters bandwidth on a per connection basis in real-time, adapting as needed to changing network conditions.

In addition to automated bandwidth throttling, Nefsis includes administrative controls allowing IT staff to set system-wide and per-user limits, overriding any user selections or automated video quality improvements.

The new enhancements are immediately available to all Nefsis customers and free trial users.

For a free 14-day trial of Nefsis Professional, visit

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