PC Keeper: Personal 911 Agent For Your PC

PC Keeper: Personal 911 Agent For Your PC 1When we see an accident on the road or are involved in one, we call 911.  Police and fire response are a given.  However, when we notice our PC acting up, we tend to be quiet about it until things get worse, which is normally inevitable when it comes to PC computing.   That approach is not necessary; not with a tool like PC Keeper.

PC Keeper is your personal 911 agent for your PC.  Whether your computing ability is slowed, compromised or your computer is stolen, to PC Keeper is there to ward off such an attack with its built-in anti-virus program and related utilities that monitor for intrusions of bad code incessantly.

Let’s say you suffered the violation of having had your computer stolen.  Following the initial shock of that event, you might come to your senses enough to know that you had PC Keeper installed and your computer indeed has a web cam. You are in great shape then.  PC Keeper includes software for law enforcement when it comes to stolen computers.  Your thief’s glory is temporary because once they log in to your PC they will silently suffer the fate of photographic exposure!   Why?  Because PC Keeper reports the GPS position of the PC back to support who in turn report it to you and you to police.

What else can PC Keeper do you for you?  An in-depth review of PC Keeper has resulted in the following findings:

  • Anti-virus software – this feature provides security protection for your PC to stop unwanted intrusions, applications, and attempts to get to your personal data and corrupt your data files. When compared to other integrated tools, PC Keeper’s marks for this feature scored the highest.
  • One-click scan – this powerful tool provides an instant anti-virus scan of your hard disk and three distinct disk functions:  scan and fix system errors,  disk cleaner of old temporary and unneeded files, and defragment your hard disk as needed to close up extraneous file spaces for faster performance. When compared to other available optimizers, this feature easily leads the pack.
  • File recovery – this feature scan and preview files that have been deleted that perhaps were done so inadvertently so you can recover them.   This feature is parallel to others reviewed.
  • Data hider – this feature remove sensitive files and folders from public view.  This feature is common to numerous competing programs.
  • Uninstaller – this feature removes unwanted application programs fully from your PC.  This feature parallels other companies’ software in this space.
  • Startup Manager – this feature manage your start up files, applications and handlers to keep your computer’s boot time short.  This feature Is common to numerous programs in this space.
  • Disk explorer – quickly find particular files you need to locate by extension or file type such as text, media or image. This feature, while common, appears to function rapidly with PC Keeper.
  • Duplicate finder – this feature helps locate duplicate files on your PC that could be slowing it down, especially when backups are performed.  This feature is unique to PC Keeper.
  • File Shredder – this feature completely removes files from your PC unlike the Trash can which simply removes the file from being visible to Windows explorer.   This feature is common to other programs.
  • Geek on Demand – This feature allows you to file a report of your PC concerns back to PC Keeper’s technical gurus and a live call is then scheduled for you and a technician to go over and clean up all issues.

PC Keeper is a solid program built on a customer care team that is loyal to both the company and the product.  You can even try PC Keeper for free, with the same access to technical support that paid subscribers get. The trial period is for 15 days.  Use it fully during that period, all features possible to give it a good shake.

Check out online user experience and product reviews of this program to see if it might work for you.   To be fair to other programs, check them out too.  However, at the end of the day, you just might find that PC Keeper is indeed a keeper for your PC.

[Guest post by Flodner – SEO and online marketing specialist]

PC Keeper: Personal 911 Agent For Your PC 3
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