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5 iPad 2 Cases with Keyboard

The market is flooded with iPad 2 accessories that you practically can’t keep up. Recently, the trend points up to keyboard cases. A number of case manufacturers have included in their portfolio a Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad 2. Below, you can find some options:


ZAGG, best known for their screen protectors, has come up with the perfect buddy for your iPad 2 with ZAGGmate. Its sleek and slim design makes it one of the better iPad keyboard cases on the market today. It is available on ZAGG’s official website for only $99.99.


tyPad for iPad 2 ($99.99) is worth the same as the original tyPad Gen II for 1st generation iPad and this cover is pretty compact. This rubberized keyboard will enhance your experience as it is exceptionally convenient to type onto.


Brando’s Bluetooth keyboard comes with a lithium-ion battery (450mAh) built-in on the case. Its power can last up to a week without having to charge (it takes only 4 to 5 hours to reach full-charge status). It packs a lot of features like: it can prop up the iPad 2 with ease, made from silicone & genuine leather and it is dust and water proof as well. It is available for pre-order for only $59. Shipping will start early April.


Kensington has a rechargeable, wireless Bluetooth keyboard in KeyFolio. This keyboard case also goes for $99.99 on Kensington’s website and it has an integrated hands-free stand. It is suitable for frequent travelers who always carry their iPad 2. It also boasts soft-to-the-touch rubberized keys, not to mention it is spill-proof as well.

Toccata and Rubata


PADACS has a couple of keyboard cases especially designed for the iPad 2. First up is Toccata which has an efficient keyboard which does not add much size to the tablet itself. It is charged via USB cable and usually lasts for almost 2 days. Second case is Rubata which incorporated a hard plastic cover with distinctive keys. It is now made from synthetic leather. Toccata is priced at $49.95 while Rubata is tagged for $79.95.

Do you plan on buying a keyboard case for your iPad 2? Do you think it defeats the purpose of having a tablet? Let us know in the comments below.


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