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5 Reasons You Should Buy iPad 2

Globally, Apple’s latest gadget, iPad 2, is selling like hotcakes. With this kind of development, the tech firm just has to delay the order from weeks to a month.

Wherever you are located, every corner of the street in which iPad 2 is up for sale there are customers lined up in a long queue. Recently, an analyst has increased growth forecast for this new tablet predicting sales of over 30-40 million units this year.

As the saying goes, you cannot please everybody, there are still critics or haters of Apple even though it is evident that iPad 2 is a success. We are going to breakdown some reasons why we think their tablet is worth owning.

1. Price

It was surprising that Apple’s new gadget is priced the same as the 1st generation iPad starting at $499. Competitors were forced to consider their prices once Steve Jobs made the announcement last March 2. In the middle of the month, Motorola released their Xoom Wi-Fi version for $599. Also, Samsung lowered the price for their new version of Galaxy Tab to $469.

2. Design

iPad 2 is 33% thinner than the original tablet. It is even slimmer than Apple’s own smart phone, the iPhone 4. Jobs and company packed it with features without compromising the design. It also weighs 80+ grams lighter than its predecessor.

3. Apps

iTunes and the App Store is dominated by Apple. Its market share is pretty evident as it has more apps than its competitors. Enough said.

4. FaceTime

Having the chance to video chat is a huge factor, if your loved ones have an iPad 2, iPhone, or Mac, you will get the opportunity to see and talk to them in an instant. For businesses, it also allows for  conference calls and video conferencing.

5. Performance

Although the iPad 2 is slimmer and lighter, the performance is greatly improved. The hardware used was upgraded to the latest Apple A5 dual core processor and features 512 MB of RAM. The operations and applications are smooth from the get-go.

With those 5 reasons does it make the iPad 2 the best tablet on the market today? Hands-down, yes, iPad 2 is currently on top. The interface is user-friendly, has a wide range of applications plus its speedy performance set it apart from its rivals.

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