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Wozniak Talks To Entrepreneurs

The engineering mind behind the very first Apple hardware, Steve Wozniak, was recently in the Sacramento area talking with local business leaders, entrepreneurs, and Woz fans about his days as a young engineer helping his buddy start a cool company that did cool things for people.

Wozniak was in town as a guest speaker at the local SARTA 2011 Tech Index Celebration.

Below is a portion of that conversation where Wozniak talks quite frankly about some of his professional and personal experiences. Near the end of this 8 minute video Woz gives a few best practice pointers to entrepreneurs to consider when building their business.

If you attended the event, we’d love to hear your comments on either the trade show or the talk from Woz.


SARTA is a non-profit organization founded to foster entrepreneurial growth in emerging technologies & attract venture capital to the greater Sacramento region.

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