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Alley vs. Lopez: Apology Not Accepted

Any man who has ever interacted with a woman knows there are three deadly sins: calling a woman ugly, old, or fat.

After calling Jay Leno “the biggest two-faced dude in TV,” accusing Carlos Mencia for stealing his comedic material, and repeatedly voicing his dislike for Erik Estrada, comedian George Lopez can add another notch to his list of feuds.

Lopez reportedly mocked Kirstie Alley’s weight multiple times regarding her debut on Dancing with the Stars.  Despite having lost 60 pounds, Lopez implied the star still looked pig-like on the dance floor.  As reported by, he then again made another pig reference to Alley by saying, “She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away…before the show, she went to the market, and then she had roast beef and this is her going all the way home.”

Although Lopez’s apology on Twitter was as public as the insults he dished, Alley was not impressed.  Earlier today, Alley Tweeted back, “@georgelopez I don’t need or want ur apology…I want your kidney dude..on behalf of ur X and all the women uv insulted…give it back,” alluding to the kidney Lopez received from his then-wife of 17 years, Ann Lopez (née Serrano).

In 2005, Ann donated one of her kidneys to Lopez due to a genetic condition that caused his kidneys to deteriorate.  Five years after the procedure, the late night show host and his wife separated citing “irreconcilable differences.”


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