The Office: Proposal and New Boss

So I just watched the latest episode of The Office; where Michael proposed to Holly. That was actually a great episode – I was surprised that it was done so well, and with less of the typical slapstick humor that Michael Scott is known for.

If you didn’t get to see it, and want to see it – you’re in luck – I have it embedded below. However the real reason for this post is to show the preface to the replacement boss man, Will Ferrell. Now this I don’t know about; I’ve never been a big Will Ferrell fan and hope he doesn’t screw up the chemistry of the show.

For a view of what Ferrell’s slated four-episode stint will be, watch the clip directly below the full episode.

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  1. "Now this I don’t know about; I’ve never been a big Will Ferrell fan and hope he doesn’t screw up the chemistry of the show. " BINGO. I'm a die-hard office geek. When I was first introduced to the office my junior year of college (4 years go, so I was bit late to the Office bandwagon, but still), I skipped two days straight of classes (yes, I regret that) to watch Seasons 2 and 3 straight through in their entirety after falling in love with Season 1. I don't know why Steve is leaving, or why they chose Will Ferrell to replace him, but I am skeptical. Although, I must admit, I see huge upside in choosing Will Ferrell as although he won't replace Steve Carrell, I definitely think that he can definitely pave an endearing path of his own. We shall see! [/geekrant]

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