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iApp Review: Fire Life Safety

Eric Smith is an innovative and creative young entrepreneur, amongst other things.  With a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Langston University, he is the founder of Dreams into Goals LLC and the creator of the newest iPhone application called Fire Life Safety.

Fire Life Safety is an application that could possibly help you in an emergency situation.  Mr. Smith first came up with Fire Life Safety when a dear friend traveling to work on the freeway thought that she may have cut-off another driver in her commute to work.  The other driver in a rage started to follow her and swerve at her while they both were driving down the freeway.  Fearing for her safety, she called Mr. Smith in a panic.  He proceeded to tell her to drive to the nearest police station.  It was at that point she replied that she did not know where a station was let alone the closest one.  Then, at that moment the call dropped.  About 10 minutes later, he received a phone call from his friend stating that she had made it to her office, however the enraged driver followed her all the way there.

He then thought to himself what could he have done to help make it easier for his friend to find help.  He came up with Fire Life Safety.  With this iPhone application not only are you able to locate Police stations in your area, he took it several steps further.  You can locate medical facilities, fire stations, police stations etc.

You also have the ability to send a quick message out as well as setup several emergency contacts.

This truly is an application worth taking a look at.  There are so many scenarios that this little application could come in handy.  This is a worthwhile application that I recommend to people all over the world.

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FIRE LIFE SAFETY - Dreamz Into Goalz LLC.



Eric Burks

Eric is the founder of Messner-Burks Enterprise and iWorld Entertainment, a consulting and media company driven to help provide online marketing solutions for new and rising talents. Follow him on Twitter.

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