Is Using Twitter Paying Off For You? Check Out Buffer

Twitter has reached the unbelievable growth figure of adding 16 Million users every MONTH to its user base. This is not only a number which lets my jaw drop, but it also carries some very important implication for the future of my use of this powerful social network.

In order to make the most of Twitter I recently started to use a new Twitter app I wanted to share with you. It is a super simple App called Buffer, which has become an essential Tool for my Twitter usage.

The Buffer experience in a few seconds

Using Buffer is very easy. All you do is put a few tweets in your Buffer and in return the App schedules those tweets for your well spread out over the day.

How does Buffer help me?

Every day I take some time to browse for great blogposts and news. I guess you are doing this too. Now whenever I am on a ride through the web I never wanted to share all my great findings of articles with my followers at once. It didn’t feel good to annoy them with all these updates at once.

Instead I throw them into my Buffer and they are tweeted out one at a time. This leave me with still posting all the great articles I found, yet without the bit of overwhelming my network with updates.

Why Buffer and not something else?

There are currently many common Tweet scheduling services out there, however Buffer is quite different:

  • You don’t schedule tweets individually, you simply add to Buffer.
  • You do this super fast from any page you are reading, via one of the browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • You receive full analytics (Clicks, Retweets & Reach) for your buffered tweets to track your impact.

Buffer explained in 3 Pictures:

1.) Adding tweets to your Buffer is super simple. Do it from any page you are on by clicking the Buffer icon of one of your Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Here is an example of James’ post:


2.) After your tweets are sent out via Buffer, the app provides you with very useful stats to measure your impact. You get Clicks, Retweets, Avatars of who retweeted you and Reach of your tweets.


3.) You can always go to your home account at bufferapp.com and adjust the timing of your tweets. Add more timeslots at which your Buffered tweets should go out or change them to your needs. Here are mine:



I really like Buffer because it gives you a hassle-free and simple approach for consistent Tweeting. All I do is keep my Buffer topped up and my followers will stay posted on the news I am sharing.

You can simply jump in for all the engagement happening as the action and content is already created by the Buffered tweets.

What do you think about Buffer? Could it help you to make Twitter pay off more for you? Let me know your views below.

[Guest Post via: Leon Widrich]

James Hickshttp://about.me/jameshicks
James is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HicksNewMedia, a Digital Publishing and Technology Consulting team providing effective and relevant solutions to individuals and businesses looking to more effective utilize the social interweb. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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