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iPad2 – Initial Impressions

For Apple followers, today was a good day. Regardless of the new iPad being unveiled, the fact that Steve Jobs was on stage to make the announcement sent sighs of relief across the entire technology eco-system.

That being said, with today’s iPad2 unveiling, I’d be curious to know what the mixed emotions are about the actual hardware. Look, we already knew the iPad was the best thing on the market – the first iPad was truly game changing and truly a revolutionary product – or as Apple has now coined “…something magical”

But, did this second revision really bring about all that was expected? Faster processor, front and rear HD capabile video cameras, thinner, lighter. We knew that was coming right? So was anyone really surprised by that?

What we were pleasantly surprised by, however, was the dual release on both AT&T and Verizon and the fact that the iPad will, immediately at shipping date, be available in both black and white. And also that the shipping date was in the not-so-distant future (March 11th to be exact).

The iOS 4.3 firmware will be a winner since many AT&T users have been wanting to the personal hotspot functionality that is already available for Verizon CDMA iPhone users (and for users that have jailbroken their iOS devices).

The apps (iMovie, Garageband, FaceTime and AirPlay) that are getting a refresh look exciting – primarily iMovie, especially when you consider that, people use Apple products more as an expression of their personality – iPhones, iPads and MacBooks allow us to effortlessly share our experiences and creativity with those within our social spheres. That’s what’s really important – the usability, not necessarily the tactile hardware.

So what do you think? Are the dual cameras, thinner and lighter footprint and faster processor compelling enough for you to plop down between $500 and $800? Or are you going to wait for something else further down the road? Or are you not even considering Apple products and veering towards a Motorola, Samsung or Blackberry product?


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