IT 3.0: Shifting Focus To People Through Cloud Services recently introduced IT 3.0 as the natural evolution of IT for the people.

What Does That Mean?

Information technology is built on the essentials of people, process and technology. IT 1.0 and 2.0 were focused on technology and process. IT 3.0 represents a people-centric view of IT service by using recent advances in technology and a more-practical approach to process, helping the business through familiar usability, cloud services and social IT. Now, businesses can effectively combine the best IT has to offer to truly transform IT.

Sounds like what we once called the Semantic Web huh??

Mark Hamilton, VP of marketing, said, “We are witnessing the evolution of IT. Today’s IT departments bear only a superficial resemblance to predecessors. Social networks, mobility, cloud computing, smart process with a renewed emphasis on people-oriented service are redefining IT’s place within the enterprise. With IT 3.0, enterprise IT is now fixed at the core of the business and any remaining barriers between IT and the business are being demolished. Businesses that embrace the new reality of IT 3.0 quickly realize competitive advantage.”

IT 3.0 changes the perspective of what came before and is defined by:

People – With IT 3.0, technology and process are built with people and their real-world requirements as priority #1. In addition, the artificial barriers between people, process and technology are erased. IT systems have evolved to simply work the way people expect.

Social IT – End users are on the front lines of business innovation and agility. With social IT, business processes can learn from and are empowered by people who collaborate, share knowledge and engage in ways never before possible. IT 3.0 utilizes an inherently social community to reduce costs, improve relevance and responsiveness, and to tie together people, process and technology.

Cloud Services – Users demand their IT resources move with them wherever, and however they need. Mobility, platform independence, and user indifference to where and how IT happens requires IT 3.0 to run in the cloud.

Business and IT – We’ve moved beyond alignment – business and IT are now one and the same. Transparency and continuous engagement help IT and the business innovate in ways never thought possible.

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