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Geohot Speaks

You know George Hotz? If not, you may know him as Geohot – mobile technology users (primarily Apple and Sony devices) know George. He has hacked/rooted/unlocked/whatever you want to call it, nearly every device those, and other companies have put on the market.

He’s good at what he does.

Currently he’s in a huge legal battle with Sony over his hacking of their PS3 code.┬áHis explanation for hacking the devices is that he wants to openly use the product he paid for.

I can agree with that premise. Hell, I’ve taken advantage of George’s skills many times in the past on various devices.

In a recent interview on The Alyona Show, George explains his side and where he sees all this going in the near future.

Check out George’s blog here.

How do you feel about this entire sticky situation? Have you jailbroken any of your electronic devices?


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