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Banckle Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Banckle Live Chat has now released a FREE live chat and online customer support plugin for WordPress to get you closer with your WordPress website visitors.

It is fully customizable, pretty light-weight, east to install and requires just a free account at Banckle to complete the integration with WordPress. With Banckle Live Chat, you can track each visitor and monitor their browsing activities in the real-time.

Its admin console allows you to perform many important tasks easily and the inbuilt analytics feature provides you a variety of information to help you monitor your website traffic in a more productive way.

Highlighted analytics include:

  • Where are your visitors coming from?
  • How many times they have visited your website?
  • Which pages on your website are getting more hits?
  • How long they have stayed on your website?
  • What are their machine and software specifications?

I’ve been looking for a tool that provided these features for a while now. I’ll be installing and configuring Banckle Live on THE Tech Scoop and INFOtainment News in the coming days and will report back here with an update as to the progress.

You can read more

Stay informed with the full suite of products from Banckle through their website and follow them on Twitter.

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