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Attention Developers: Google Makes It Easier To Build Sites For Google TV

Late last week, the Google TV team published a couple of new design templates, as well as a still-in-beta Web UI library that Web designers can use to optimize their sites for Google TV.

I’m personally very interested in this since – I’ve made the jump from the Apple TV over to my Logitech Revue running Google TV.

“While existing websites can be displayed in Google TV, the user experience isn’t always ideal within the context of a living room,” Steve Hines and Daniels Lee of Google TV Developer Relations Team wrote in the Google TV blog.

“One important optimization for browsing websites on TV is ensuring that D-pad navigation works well. The JavaScript-based templates utilizes a new library we’ve developed for this purpose– the Google TV Web UI Library,” Hines and Lee wrote today.

All of the templates are open sourced under the Apache 2 license, and they support sites that utilize HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and Flash. The templates also require that you have the Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK installed in your IDE, and the Flash 10.2 plugin for browser-based testing. They can be downloaded now from the Google TV developer resource page.

Hopefully we’ll see some stunning sites hitting Google TV before too long.

[via International Business Times]

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