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MoveTools – An iPad App to Help People When Moving

Finally, an iApp that actually has real, practical value.

Moving can be stressful, but State Farm is attempting to bring some sanity to the mayhem.

With their recently launched iApp called “MoveTools, you now have a “relocation planning and household inventory assistant” in the palm of your hands

MoveTools gives people a fresh approach to planning a move; all the resources needed are in one place. With MoveTools users can customize a weekly moving checklist to help plan their move and then create an inventory of their possessions. Users can then create and print “smart labels” with digital QR Codes, which can be read by smartphones with barcode reading applications. A quick scan of the label on a box will display a list of what’s packed inside.

“MoveTools blends innovation with utility in something that’s useful to people during one of the biggest moments in their lives,” said Patty Gaumond, assistant vice president of Enterprise Internet Solutions at State Farm. “Leveraging new technology is just one of the ways we’re being there for our customers.”

State Farm “Digital” Trivia

This is the first application from an insurer designed to assist people with relocation – another first from State Farm. In August 2010, State Farm released the insurance industry’s first Android widget, called “On the Move,” aimed at combating the issue of distracted driving.

You can download the free iPad app from the Apple App Store here.

Good job State Farm


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