Niki Taylor Hosts the Reader’s Digest ‘We Hear You America’ RV Tour

The Reader’s Digest goes digital and updates their website.

The world’s most read magazine is now available across all platforms, including a new iPad app, and a daily updated website at — now known as the Reader’s Digest Version.

Niki Taylor Hosts the Reader's Digest 'We Hear You America' RV Tour 1To help celebrate this transformation, Reader’s Digest is hitting the road to 100 communities with its “We Hear You America” campaign, hosted by supermodel and 2011 Celebrity Apprentice star Niki Taylor.

Beginning today in New York City, Reader’s Digest will kick off a 100-city RV tour, a journey of renewal designed to showcase the “Best in America” and provide promotional and financial stimulus to help cities counter the quality of life cuts triggered by the economic downturn.

“I’ve been a fan of Reader’s Digest since my childhood days back in Florida and still love it today,” said Taylor. “I grew up with its stories about America and now, as host of the ‘We Hear You America’ tour, I can be a part of the effort to help cities across the U.S. that have been hurt by the recession and capture stories about what makes those hometowns great.”


Reader’s Digest’s “We Hear You America” campaign began last November as a way to provide support to Americans and their hometowns that have been hurt by the recession. The stimulus is being provided to support a host of projects selected by the towns themselves, including parks and recreation, tourism, civic works and economic development. Individuals interested in receiving stimulus for their communities simply “cheer” (vote) for their hometown by logging on to, through February 7. The 10 towns that “cheer” the loudest (receive the most votes) will win the bulk of the stimulus.

An additional 90 towns were chosen based on their inclusion in one of three places:

1) impassioned stories collected on our “We Hear You America” website via

2) a past or upcoming “Best of America” issue

3) the Reader’s Digest book Off the Beaten Path.

Stops on the 100-city tour will include Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

Features/activities during the Tour include:

  • A video kiosk to collect testimonials from people about what makes their town Best in America. These stories will be uploaded to the “We Hear You America” website.
  • Three brand ambassadors representing Reader’s Digest will meet w/mayors in each town to distribute stimulus funds (a combination of a check in the amount of $1000 to $40,000, and media attention)
  • A magnetic map of the U.S. on the side of the RV that will be fun for consumers and the media to play games with
  • An interactive campaign website integrating social media for people to follow the tour and see what makes America great; visitors can also enter a sweepstakes to win the Reader’s Digest RV.

Niki Taylor Hosts the Reader's Digest 'We Hear You America' RV Tour 2Additionally, individuals can stop by the tour in their town, enter the RV sweepstakes, experience the interactive vehicle and win t-shirts.

The free iPad app for Reader’s Digest is available in the Apple App Store here.

Niki Taylor Hosts the Reader's Digest 'We Hear You America' RV Tour 4
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  1. Vote for the underdog – currently in 1st Place! Grand Marais – a tiny isolated town on Lake Superior (pop 350) is in first place thanks to the determination of current and former residents. We have a real need and a well thought out plan to save our rapidly disappearing harbor. Check out our website and vote… Thank you!

  2. I am aware that Niki has tattoos that are ugly. Just wait till you see a bunch of old people walking around with ink blots on their bodies, that once looked nice, it’s gonna look like they fell in a parking lot lube joint.You think it’s cool now? No, time’s coming.

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