Ripple Mobile Launches OnTime Mobile Calendar App

Imagine a mobile calendar application that runs in the background of an existing computer-based calendar program to help increase productivity.

Ohio-based Ripple Mobile is not imagining – they’re doing…By leveraging its proprietary productivity software, the company has developed OnTime, a mobile application making it easier for people to manage their calendar and busy, hectic lives.

“We know timeliness, personally and professionally, has a direct impact on a person’s reputation,” said Kevin Miller, president and co-founder of Ripple Mobile LLC, a technology innovation firm that powers and creates secure, technology-driven applications for mobile devices. “We believe with the OnTime application, users will never be late to business meetings or important appointments again.”


According to Miller, what makes OnTime different from other reminder services is the mobile calendar application’s location-based capabilities, allowing users to determine time and distance from any location in real time.

“OnTime runs in the background of users’ smartphones,” said Miller. “By determining their location, OnTime provides timely appointment reminders to ensure they get to appointments, events and meetings on time.” OnTime is secure and has minimal impact on battery life.

OnTime syncs with all existing computer-based calendars and enhances how users already organize their life and task lists. The patent-pending mobile application provides many features, including adjustable turn-by-turn directions, phone-based GPS capabilities, and social media connectivity. It even provides real-time traffic analysis, notifying a user’s next appointment if they are running late.

“OnTime helps busy people by bundling multiple productivity software tools into a single app,” said Miller. “And because it works with their existing calendar, there’s no new software to learn or buy.”

Sound compelling enough? For you early adopters, you can purchase the app for $1.99 until April 1, 2011. After that the price will be $4.99.

Head over to their website at for more information and to download the app.

Stay in touch with the team on Facebook and on Twitter @ontimemobileapp.


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