mSpot Brings iTunes To The Cloud

Developers aren’t sitting around waiting for Apple to offer their own branded solution – they’re out there making happen now.

Introducing mSpot, the music app that lets users store up to 2GB of compressed music files in a cloud-based locker, and then stream it to their iPhone or other Internet-enabled devices. It’s the same app the company released for the Android back in June, but this time approved for the iPhone.

Users who want more than 2GB can pay $4 a month for 40GB. The size of storage is important because of how mSpot goes about offering this service without music licensing deals. See, this is a true music locker, in which users must transfer copies of their digital music files to the cloud for storage, and then stream from there.

Other music locker services simply scan the song titles in their users’ libraries and then match them against a cloud-based server to give access only to songs with a match. There’s no transfer of files necessary and the provider needs only host one copy of each song.

In a report via, mSpot claimed more than a million downloads of the Android version of the app and 500,000 registered users, but wouldn’t detail how many of those are in active use.

The mSpot iApp is available for free in the iTunes App Store here.

While all this is cool and a much desired service, what I’m personally more interested in is their mSpot Mobile Movies Service.

According to their online literature, this service allows you to:

  1. Go to on your computer of mobile phone
  2. Choose a movie
  3. Watch the movie on your computer of mobile phone

Sorry my international readers, the movie service is only available in the U.S. and for the mobile carriers, only AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are supported.

I plan to reach out to the company to see about a review membership – If I get in I’ll update this post.

You can find more about mSpot at their website, on Twitter @mspot, and on Facebook.


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