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Gift Idea: Book of Tweets

More and more people are on Twitter everyday – expressing themselves, interacting and networking with folks the world over.

Twitter has essentially become THE go-to place for many of us when it comes to getting up-to-the-minute information and updates on news, current events, and the scores when our favorite sports team is playing.

One pretty well-known Twitterer, Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) recently made a video of a cool Book of Tweets that she received as a birthday present. In the video Alyssa expresses how sincerely touched she is by the thought of someone compiling the book and that she has indeed grown fond of her large Twitter Family (last count she had just over 1.1 million followers).

Alyssa’s Video (double-click to play):

If you know a techie who would like to have a very elegantly hardbound book of their digital expressions on Twitter, check out the folks at TweetBookz.

TweetBookz allows you to create and order high quality books of your tweets. Soft and hard cover versions are available in four unique designs. The books have full color covers and inside pages of black and white. Each one stands 5.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide and features up to 200 of your tweets, one per page, starting from the most recent. You can chose to remove any tweets you don’t want included. All our products are printed in America on 100% recycled paper.

On their website, they state that, “…our concept for TweetBookz is to bring content as short-lengthed and short-lived as tweets to the “serious” world of books. TweetBookz are a nostalgic way to hold on to topics discussed, links shared and pizza toppings mentioned on Twitter.

In addition to creating your own book, sending one of our gift certificates is a great way to surprise someone in your life with the ability to personalize and print their own books this holiday season.

Pricing is $20 for the soft cover and $30 for the hard cover book.



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