New WordPress App Released For Windows Phone 7

In a post recently written by IntenseDebate Designer Isaac Keyet, it appears as though users of the new Windows Phone 7 devices can now get their hands on a slick looking and very functional mobile WordPress app.

Isaac mentions, for this first release, it will be easy to write and edit posts and pages on the move, you’ll be able to upload photos, as well as check stats and moderate comments. All easily accessible from an Actions dashboard (which is probably the most intriguing draw to this platform – it’s the whole get in and get out approach). In future versions of the app, Isaac mentions that there are considerations to implement video uploading.

Navigate through the app is all new – a Panorama view is used, something that is also unique to the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Watch this quick walk-through video to see more specifics:

The app download is available at the brand spankin’ new WordPress for Windows Phone 7 website here.

To stay in the loop with what the team is doing, and if you’re a developer and want to contribute to the open source project, you can follow the efforts on Twitter @WPWindowsPhone.


James Hicks

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