LG Ally vs. iPhone 4

LG Ally vs. iPhone 4 1When the LG Ally was introduced many customers believed that it would provide decent competition to the iPhone 4. It has several desirable features that consumers enjoy; however, the iPhone 4 technology is more technologically advanced in many ways. For instance, Apple’s phone is the thinnest smart phone on the market with dimensions of 4.54 inches by 2.309 inches by 0.37 inches. The phone weighs 4.8 ounces. By contrast, the LG’s device is larger and heavier with dimensions of 4.56 inches by 2.22 inches by 0.62 inches and a weight of 5.57 ounces.

The Apple device does provide the customer with a larger screen and higher resolution than the LG Ally. The iPhone 4 can achieve 326 pixels per inch on its impressive 3.5 inch Retina display. The Retina display possesses 960 x 640 backlit LCD touch screen technology. Each pixel is not detectable by the human eye and measure 78 micrometers across. The screen is made of Aluminosilicate glass that is often featured on high speed trains and helicopter windshields.On the other hand, the Ally, is characterized by a 480 x 800 LCD capacitive touch screen. The screen is 3.2 inches with Android 2.1 technology. The resolution is impressive, the images are sharp, and the colors are fully saturated.

In remarkable sunlight or even in low light, both of these phones capture very good pictures. However, iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel camera with built-in LED flash offers higher resolution photographs than LG Ally’s 3.2 megapixel camera. Both record video and play back video in high resolution. iPhone 4, however, performs better in this category as well. The iPhone 4 possesses an A4 processor that makes web browsing faster and the capacitive touch screen more responsive. LG Ally remains competitive offering 600 MHz processor.

With accelerometers and gyros both devices detect whenever the phone is rotated or turned and it will automatically adjust the image. Both are fairly responsive in the category. Because of the great processing speed, Apple’s smart phone will allow the user to multi-task without slowing the phone. Both phones come equipped with rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. Battery life is maintained through complex operations.

iPhone 4 offers consumers over 300,000 compatible applications through the iTunes store. This phone operates primarily on AT&T’s network, but may possibly expand to other networks. LG Ally is on the Verizon network. Applications are available for download through the Verizon network. The Ally does allow you to use social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Apple has numerous comparable applications for social networking. Both phones also offer built-in GPS capabilities. In conjunction with Google Maps, LG offers GPS navigation for customers that like traveling or are having trouble finding an address. iPhone offers numerous industry-specific applications that work in conjunction with GPS functionality as well.

Because of the touch screen, both phones are prone to shattering if dropped. In the accessories line, LG offers Ally owners cases for protection of the phone. A holster is also available for consumers who desire to wear the phone on the exterior of the body for easy access. iPhone offers similar accessories for iPhone users. Chargers are also plentiful. Car chargers, in-home chargers and solar chargers are all available for use with this device. iPhone offers a similar line-up that is compatible with the iPhone 4. Some universal chargers are available as well.

LG Ally vs. iPhone 4 4
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