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Japanese telecommunications company Softbank is selling a 16GB Apple iPad for free!

The catch is a 25 month contract which costs ¥4725 ($56) per month. The promotion is called “iPad For Everybody” and runs from December 3, 2010 through February 28, 2011

You don’t have to be an A+ mathematician to figure out that in the end, after the 25 months you’ve actually paid $1400 for the device.

But, before you screen highway robbery, or whatever it is that you scream…check out the press release that was sent out from Softbank a few days ago. Thanks to some Google Translate from Japanese to English here you  go:

SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp., “iPad Wi-Fi +3 G” campaign can be purchased from £ 0 pocket costs substantially “iPad for everybody”, and on December 3, 2010 (Friday) February 28, 2011 (Mon) continue until The. The continuing “(iPad only) Prepaid provides” too. However, according to the start of this campaign greatly expanded dealer iPad, by the end of December, 2,750 at SoftBank shops and electronics stores or stores will begin selling the iPad.

In this campaign iPad Wi-Fi +3 G (16GB) customers to purchase the contract year 2 “(iPad only) subscription plan data” and “basic charge” web you can make another contract iPad 0 the net burden of real body yen. The campaign, 32GB and 64GB models also apply to the model. “(IPad only) data subscription plan,” the unlimited 3G data communications and domestic, “Softbank Wi-Fi Spot” (free for 2 years) is available.

So what do you think? You westerners going to convert your Dollars to Yen and get you a Softbank subsidized iPad?

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