Who Are The Biggest TV Manufacturers?

Today, there are dozens of different TV manufacturers in the market. Savvy TV shoppers must carefully research their decision to find out which brands are known for top quality. Whether you’re looking for a Plasma, LCD, or LED television, some brands are known for quality, while others are known for bargain pricing. You can’t go wrong with a TV from one of the biggest names in the marketplace, which include Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, and Vizio.

Samsung has been in the TV market since the 1970s, and has long been known for models that balance quality with affordability. The world’s top manufacturer of consumer electronics, Samsung is known for DLP, LCD, and Plasma TVs, as well as a wide array of other electronic devices. Known as an innovative company, Samsung was among the first TV manufacturers to incorporate LED backlighting and 3D technology.

Founded in 1946, Sony has long been the king of consumer electronics, only recently slipping to second place in the TV market. Sony’s cutting edge TVs include both Plasma and LCD models. Often at the higher end of both quality and price, Sony was among the first to produce a 70″ 1080p TV. Sony’s Bravia product line includes the XBR series, incorporating technologies such as 3D functionality and a Sony memory stick reader for the display of content from a Sony digital camera or camcorder.

LG has been known as a low-budget brand since its founding in 1958. However, since 1995 the company has poured money into the development of some of the world’s most innovative LCD and Plasma TVs. LG was the first to produce 71″ Plasma and 76″ LCD TVs, and some of the newest models include 3D technology and LED backlights. In addition to Plasma and LCD models, LG also manufactures DLP front and rear projectors and CRT rear projectors. Look to Infinia for high-end models at a lower price point than comparable TVs from Sony or Samsung.

Panasonic, founded in 1918, led the DTV and HDTV revolution. Among the first companies to produce HD TVs for the consumer market, they consistently rank among the top TV models for both price and quality. Panasonic is best known for high-end Plasma TVs, and also manufactures DLP, LCD front and rear projection, and CRT models. It was one of the first manufacturers to offer models capable of 3D technology. The Panasonic line of Plasma models includes panels ranging from 42 to 65 inches; at industry shows, it’s also displayed sets as large as 150 inches, a glimpse at the Panasonic Plasma TV future.

Sharp, founded in 1912, focuses primarily on LCD technology, unlike the other companies on this list offering a wide array of TV types. Known for pioneering this technology, primarily in the Aqous line, Sharp has an unrivaled reputation for top-quality LCD televisions.

Vizio, founded in 2002, is a relative newcomer to the TV market. Quickly gaining market share from established manufacturers, Vizio is now a leading producer of LCD TVs, and focuses primarily on LCD and Plasma models. With a relatively low price point, some say that Vizio models are lower quality than those by other top manufacturers. Others, however, find that Vizio offers innovative TV models at an affordable price. Look to the newest line of Pro-Series LCD TVs for the highest quality Vizio has to offer.

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