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Profit From His Own Ideas With ActionSolving

Inventors, idealists, and “outside of the box” thinkers – check this out.

Intratec Solutions LLC has developed ActionSolving, a leading-edge initiative that will enable ordinary people from all over the world to capitalize on their small ideas.

ActionSolving provides everyone, from undergraduate students to researchers, with the means for surpassing usual barriers that make good but little ideas impractical to succeed. Such barriers lie beyond the idea, either in selling or implementing it.

Mr. Felipe Tavares, CEO of Intratec and conceiver of ActionSolving, points out: “For the idea provider, ActionSolving looks like a suggestion box on the Internet open to receive ideas from everybody. But the idea is merely the starting point. The real challenge, that we address, lies beyond the inspiration. It lies in a hard journey – from idealization to impact.”

Selling ideas requires ability to reach buyers, and knowledge of intellectual property and legal matters which most people do not have. Likewise, implementing ideas requires resources, expertise and the entire infrastructure to execute them, which usually is not economically feasible if such ideas are too small.

Through a well-designed concept, ActionSolving efficiently validates and implements sets of little ideas, generating gains in scale, which are at the heart of the initiative. ActionSolving will combine low-value spread ideas from several providers into a low-risk, easy-to-implement, high-value set of solutions for the end user.

Mr. Tavares adds: “When people think about developing ideas, they envision going after the home runs – the breakthroughs that promise fame and fortune. What is missing is that a set of small solutions more than usual outperform a big, but single, idea… Little ideas pop up every day, everywhere, and are a huge market niche, unexplored… We are talking about a simple heating solution figured out by an student in Canada, who, through ActionSolving, will implement it all over the place and profit from each implementation, whether in Canada or in Russia! ActionSolving is a true turning point, for innovators and users.”

ActionSolving offers a new approach to innovation aligning interests of all groups involved in the solution supply-chain, as each party is rewarded in direct proportion to the value created. Initially ActionSolving will target ideas related to improvements in existing technologies and industrial processes.

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