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FreeOneHand iPad Holder and Stand is a multi-function iPad accessory that provides a one-handed grip, ergonomic design, and works as a stand in portrait and landscape orientations, left or right handed.

Sounds like a whole lot for one product to offer huh?

Comfortable one-handed grip for iPad

FreeOneHand lets you comfortably hold your iPad in one hand, freeing the other for doing whatever else you need to do. The secure grip eliminates the worry of dropping your iPad, and “raised feet” protect the display when set screen side down.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic Specialists were consulted during product design to create the most ergonomically efficient way to hold and use your iPad with one hand. FreeOneHand’s Patent Pending “Power Grip” uses 5 times less energy than a typical “pinch grip” to hold your iPad.

FreeOneHand is designed to take the weight and strain of holding a 1.5 pound iPad off your hands and wrists. FreeOneHand also provides a comfortable typing position, when used as a stand.


FreeOneHand comes in 6 colors: Bright White, Silver, Ebony, Lime Green, Sky Blue and Rose Pink.

If you’re looking for that gift for the iPad owner in your life, the FreeOneHand iPad Holder & Stand is available for $39.94 and can be ordered at¬† or by calling 1-800-317-2663.


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