Wanna Video Chat?

Thanks to the iPhone and other smart phones video chatting is becoming a thing of the past.  The only concern I had was that the cellular provider is putting a damper on the service.  I have the capability to video chat but I am limited as to when.

With AT&T you had to be on wifi to use the FaceTime feature on the iPhone.  That is just crazy.

I had to find another way to use the remarkable video chat feature that comes with my phone.  I have actually found 2 apps that work very well.

I found that the Yahoo IM app is one app that allows me to video chat via 3G to most smartphones.  That’s right you don’t have t o be on WiFi.  And if that is not enough you can even video chat with a Yahoo IM user on their computer right from your phone using the Yahoo IM app.

Depending on your 3G signal the video display can be very clean and clear.  In areas where there is a lot of background noise the sound can be a bit hard to hear however with help from your headsets the issue is resolved.

Another video chat app that I found to be useful is Tango.  I like Tango because if anyone in your address book has Tango they show up in the Tango contact list where you can select them and connect for a very nice and clear video chat; depending on signal of course.

The only downside to Tango is that due to an increase in users the server tends to be down quite often.

So in summary you are no longer (at this time) hindered by your cellular provider when you want to video chat on the go.


Eric Burks

Eric is the founder of Messner-Burks Enterprise and iWorld Entertainment, a consulting and media company driven to help provide online marketing solutions for new and rising talents. Follow him on Twitter.

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