Twezr: Your Entire Social Life – In One iApp

We are creatures of the interweb – so much of what we do nowadays is centered around our social lives such that there are entire businesses, and industries focused on what we once called, The Digital Life (I hope that’s not a trademarked phrase, if so – my bad…)

Being an avid member of the Mac Cult and an early adopter of all things surrounding technology, especially the various iDevices; it only made sense that when I saw the tweets coming down from Robert Scoble this evening about a new game-changing product, that I had to check it out.

That product is Twezr; an app promising to allow you to receive email, direct messages, tweets, and Facebook updates all from the convenience of one centralized location.

After downloading and launching Twezr, your asked to establish your account and then add your various service accounts; email, Facebook, and Twitter. What I immediately found interesting and quite refreshing is that along with the expected Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail setups there is also the inclusion of both IMAP and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

After I setup my Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, Twezr went out and started doing something odd – it started gathering information about my social circles and identifying who I interact with more frequently than others. That is simply brilliant ! After a few moments, all of my contacts were arranged in order of recent communications I’ve had with them in what Twezr calls a “To See” list showing who I’ve shared information with over email or social media. Us old school folks remember this type of functionality back in the days of the tickler file for keeping tabs of client conversations.

Twezr is aiming to be just that though, your new digital personal organizer.

When I first launched the app and started playing with it, I had flashbacks of Gist, which itself is a good application for keeping on top of your contact information. But, this isn’t Gist, it’s much more. It’s so well thought out and so inclusive of your social media that Twezr could effectively replace a handful of apps you currently have installed on your iDevice.

Check out this video posted by Scoble that features Twezr CEO Delip Andra talking about all the goodness that is…Twezr.

You can download Twezr for free from the iTunes App Store here.

[hat tip @Scobleizer]


James Hicks

James is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HicksNewMedia, a Digital Publishing and Technology Consulting team providing effective and relevant solutions to individuals and businesses looking to more effective utilize the social interweb. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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