BlueToad Publication App Coming To Android

BlueToad’s publication branded mobile Applications have provided over 80 publishers the means to monetize their digital content through an App. Initially available for iPad and iPhone, BlueToad recently announced it will be offering Android Apps by the end of 2010.

The BlueToad App allows publishers to monetize content by increasing ad revenues and reaching new readers via their presence in the App store.

Ad Revenues

In addition to the existing advertising pages built into a magazine, BlueToad Apps include two valuable features for publishers to grow ad revenue:

  1. Interstitial Ads
  2. The Media Deck

Interstitial Ads Pages pop-up when readers first click on the issue cover or specified page within an Issue.

The Media Deck displays web content within the pages of the Issue. This allows the Advertiser to showcase rich media and web content without requiring the reader to travel outside of the App or even leave the page.

“Even publications that have long established Digital Editions are seeing their page views and click-throughs grow as much as ten fold with the addition of an App,” says Paul DeHart, President of BlueToad. “Our analytics package combines reader statistics from the App with the traditional reporting from the Digital Edition.”

Subscription Revenues

Publishers are successfully using their App to grow subscription dollars. “In our short time working with iTunes we have seen rapid growth in our online readership,” says Dave House, publisher of ROAD and decline magazines. “The subscription feature allows customers to instantly purchase back issues as well as current issues. This has opened up the markets to international customers, as well as providing us with a vehicle to grow more on the web with new interactive features and bonus videos.”


Catalog publishers also use their App to grow revenues. “In addition to delighting existing customers the app has driven hundreds of new customers to our site,” says Ron Kerensky, Chief Information Officer at Arhaus Furniture. “In the last few weeks, iPad/iPhone Apps have surpassed our other social media in terms of popularity and repeat use.”

BlueToad will soon release their latest App (v 2.1) which will add the ability to include a News Feed or Ad Sponsor URL to the App. This URL will automatically launch within the Cover Gallery (the first page of the App) and be clickable by the reader at any point within an issue.

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