Obama Sets The Example In The Gulf

Bring tourism back to the gulf is what the President is not only saying but showing.

On a short visit that was mixed with some business and some family time President Obama took a plunge in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

Image Via Reuters

The staff of the White House scheduled the Obamas’ trip in response to criticism that Barack Obama was not heeding his own advice that Americans take their holidays in the Gulf, and should set an example for the rest of the country.

The President said that he had great optimism for the region, saying that “this is still a place that’s open for business and welcoming so vacationers and people can have a wonderful holiday here,” during a June trip to Pensacola, Florida – one of his four to the area before this weekend.

In related news, regarding the oil leak – The government’s ‘National Incident Commander’, retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, said on Friday that he was not satisfied that the plug on the damaged well was secure. He said that drilling a relief well — regarded as the only way to ensure that the well deep at the bottom of the Gulf does not leak oil again — must go forward. However, work on the relief well was suspended this week due to bad weather.



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